"It's an impressive piece of work!" - Quentin Blake (Roald Dahl's Illustrator)

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'The Adventures of Grandad Wheels!'

'The Adventures of Grandad Wheels!' is a unique series of children's books about the crazy adventures of a disabled Grandad in a wheelchair and his Grandson Charlie.

Our books are suitable for all kids, but especially primary school age children.  They are beautifully illustrated and presented.


Each story will tell the reader a little bit about what it is like to use a wheelchair… but more importantly, the stories will make the reader laugh out loud at the silly things Grandad Wheels and Charlie get up to!


Above all else, these books aim to show that anyone in a wheelchair, whatever their age, can still have fun and be fun to be with.


All proceeds from sales of The Adventures of Grandad Wheels!’ are donated to two important charities that help those with Spinal Injuries – the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) and Back Up

And this is what our readers are saying...

This is how much Grandad Wheels has donated to charity so far...


... and there's more to come!

"I love these books as they’re great disability awareness for kids. They’re a fun way to teach your kids about wheelchairs and their users and for them to understand disability from a young age." - Paralympian 'Hurricane Hannah' Cockfoft MBE

"Me and Connor have just read your book and he loves it, such a great book... well done Brian" - Sarah Bown

Connor is 8

"Fantastic book! Congratulations! A brilliant read, one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read with Darcey in a very long time. Looking forward to your future adventures!" - Melanie Smith

Darcey is 5 

"Francis' favourite new book!" - Anthony Lomas

Francis is 6

"Ruby absolutely loves the book, both the story and the illustrations (and finding the tennis balls!). She has insisted that we read it every night since we got it, and is so impressed with the fact that it has been signed by “the lady who drew the pictures”. She loves it so much that she took it into school today for World Book Day as she wanted to share her “extra-special” book with all of her class-mates.'" - Nina Martin

"Thank you so much for the book, our son enjoyed reading it, he will be passing it on to another little girl in a wheelchair" -  

Franca Dotolo 

"Louie, my eldest, giving your book the thumbs up... he absolutely loved the story.  He wants to read it again tonight and can't wait for the next story!" - Nikki Dunnill

Louie is 6

"Thank you for the book!" - Franki

"Just wanted to say thank you for signing Sarah's book I think we must have read it 50 times since yesterday lol she loves it she is also glad u loved her magic unicorn wheelchair design shes been drawing a wheelchair design for her nanny today as she also uses a wheelchair too due to her having lymphademia" - Sinead Farrant


Sarah is 6

"Josh is so excited to share the book with his classmates in September, he loved sharing with his teacher and friends that he had won a copy of your book"

Here's Gary'Dickinson's Grandson Reggie, reading the book to all his Grandchildren.  "They love the book and started talking about their experiences of visiting me (their grandpa) in Pinderfields and how they pushed me in the wheelchair and how they used to play in the wheelchair too!

"What a lovely book. We have really enjoyed reading this book over the last few days and have chatted more about people who use wheelchairs."- Dylan Moury


Dylan is 5

"Katie, Casey and Cody want to say a big thank you to Grandad wheels and Charlie for their book. The message from Grandad wheels and Charlie was a special touch! They giggled at grandad in the skate park! It is a beautifully written book and a perfect example of even if you use a wheelchair you can still have fun! A great book the family can read together. We look forward to reading the next adventures! - Helen Jones 

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