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If you would like Grandad Wheels to visit your school in person (limited to roughly within this area) then please get in touch!

You will be surprised at just how little this will cost compared to other author visits!

This short video explains all...

School visit area.png
More than 27,500 children and 1,500 teachers in over 145 schools have already met Grandad Wheels!

Click here to play

with sound!

If your school is further afield you could still enjoy a 'virtual visit' using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Here's more of what schools are saying about visits by Grandad Wheels...

“Grandad Wheels’ virtual visit to the whole school was an absolute triumph! The technology worked seamlessly. After a quick video intro, Grandad Wheels read from one of his stories. He was engaging, funny, and really captivated our pupils. Not only were they entertained and got to hear a great story, but Grandad Wheels introduced them to character diversity and helped explain about disability and the challenges that other people can face. I would 100% recommend all schools booking a virtual visit from the one and only Grandad Wheels!”

- Max Kelly, Executive Headteacher, Laxey School and Dhoon School

"Thanks for an awesome day. The children were buzzing with excitement and creativity. Our first visitor of the school year and you were amazing!"#Inspiring." Kirsty Gordon, Deputy Head, Lister Infant School, Liverpool

“The moment Grandad Wheels zoomed into assembly he had the children's attention.  Reading the story live and then following with lessons in the classroom really highlighted the adventures you can have in a wheelchair and disabilities shouldn't stop you from following your dreams.  The best visit you can ever hope to have - what a guy and what a book” - Chris Dyson, Head Teacher, Parklands School, Leeds

“Had a fantastic day today with Grandad Wheels!  The teachers and children loved it.  Highly recommended if you are looking for a high quality author visit” - Clare Roddis, Ballifield Primary, Sheffield

“I cannot put into words the impact you have had on our whole school family! - Katherine Pym, Torrisholme Primary, Morcambe 

To read fantastic reviews by some 8 & 9 yr old school children

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