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What the charities say about us...

"Back Up is a national charity that inspires people affected by spinal cord injury to get the most out of life, so we’re delighted to be associated with Grandad Wheels whose books show that a full, active, happy life is possible for everyone affected by spinal cord injury."

Andy Masters - Head of Outreach and Courses, Back Up

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“SIA is there for everyone affected by spinal cord injury, which includes not just the injured person, but their family and friends too. We know how vital it is to be able to talk about spinal cord injury – particularly from first-hand experience – in a positive, hopeful and approachable way.  Projects like 'The Adventures of Grandad Wheels!' (written by an SCI author) are a fantastic way to raise awareness about spinal cord injury, whilst also reinforcing our message that every injured person can have a fulfilled, independent life after SCI -  including an active role in family life, and the odd adventure too.”

Jamie Rhind Head of Peer Support, Spinal Injuries Association

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