Who's who

in our books?

Name:  Grandad Wheels

Age:  63 (but acts like a 12 yr old according to Granny!)

Status:  Always getting into trouble

and 'up to no good' with Charlie! 

Special talent: Driving Granny round

the bend!

Name:  Charlie

Age:  6, (going on 14)

Status:  Full of beans and never still

for a minute!

Special talent: Bringing joy into

Granny and Grandad's life! Awwww!

Name:  Granny

Age:  It's rude to ask!

Status:  Often grumpy thanks to

Grandad's antics!

Special talent: Looking glamorous and shopping on line!

Name:  Mum

Age:  It's still rude to ask!

Status:  Always happy... but like Granny

she thinks Grandad can be very silly!

Special talent: Cooking and doing MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This' at karaoke

Name:  Barney the dog

Type: Sprocker (half Cocker and half Springer Spaniel)

Age: 5

Status:  Serious tennis ball fixation!

Special talent: Finding a tennis ball

no matter where you throw it

(without seeing where it went!)

Name:  Claude?

Type: Big ferocious lion

Age: Who knows?

Status:  Lives in Grandad's imagination!

Special talent: Jumping out at Grandad without warning!

Name:  Jan Greenwood

Job: Store Manager at Cheapfoods supermarket

Real job: Teacher at Ravenscliffe School, Halifax

Status:  Jannine kindly allowed us to put her in the books (she loves the fame really!)

Special talent: Managing the mayhem caused by Grandad's visits to the Cheapfoods store!

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