Why we are supporting these charities...

When Brian was recovering during a whole year in hospital, he received tremendous support from both the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) and Back Up. 
So, we have chosen to donate all the proceeds from book sales to these charities *see below for details

Piggy Bank

*All donations made by Grandad Wheels will be shared equally between the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) and Back Up. 


A donation of £0.50 will be made for every copy of our books sold, through any channel.  In addition, any profit made from sales of our books will also be donated to SIA and Back Up.


Profit will be determined by taking overall income from sales of the book and deducting certain expenses.  These expenses will be limited to:

  • design and printing costs (see below for sponsorship details)

  • postage and packing costs

  • commissions or fees taken by distributors and retailers

  • certain marketing expenses deemed essential to drive awareness of the books


Proper records of all income and expenditure will be kept and these will be made available to the charities for inspection at any time.

We are pleased to say that we now have the following sponsors helping us by covering most of our production and printing costs - Rick Barnett and Cavendish Consult Ltd., Dave Young and The Una Group Ltd., OnTrack International and Hollister Incorporated.  By lending their support, these firms, together with our friends and main sponsors Irwin Mitchell are ensuring that we maximise the amount of money we can donate to the charities we support.

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