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Transforming lives after spinal cord injury

At Back Up, we inspire people affected by spinal cord injury to get the most out of life. For over 30 years, we’ve helped people and their families to rebuild their independence after a devastating spinal cord injury. Our award-winning, practical services challenge the perceptions of what’s possible and increase skills and confidence.

  • Wheelchair skills training

  • Mentoring for people with spinal cord injury and their families

  • Telephone support

  • Life skills and activity courses

  • Supporting people back into the workplace

  • School support for children with spinal cord injury


Back Up, 4 Knightley Walk, London. SW18 1GZ | 020 8875 1805

Registered Charity No. 1072216 and SC040577

Charitable Company No. 3596996


Spinal cord injury is devastating, but the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is here to show everyone affected by spinal cord injury that there is hope after injury of a fulfilled, independent life, whatever the circumstances.

For over 40 years SIA has existed as the leading source of support and information for people affected by spinal cord injury, to help provide them with the support and advice they need and deserve, and to show people that they are not alone.  

To find out more about the many services we provide, please visit our website:, or call our Freephone advice line on: 0800 980 0501

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